Who we are

Foundation Kosovo- Luxembourg (FKL) is a local NGO which was established in July 2014, it is the successor of Caritas Luxembourg, which has been operating in Kosovo since 1999, whereas its office in Ferizaj, operational since 2007, continued with various support activities to Kosovo municipalities in particular eastern Kosovo municipalities. FKL is governed by a Board of Directors and its General Secretary, whereas our main donor remains Caritas Luxembourg which is funded by the Government of Luxembourg.

Mandated by Caritas Luxembourg, FKL operates in 3 municipalities, namely, Viti/ Vitina, Leposavić / Leposaviq, and Zvečan/Zveçan.
FKL has two offices: Its main office in Ferizaj and support office in Mitrovica North. Currently, we employ a total of 7 employees, of whom 3 are women.

Currently, FKL is implementing its activities under Mandate V, "Kosovo - A Step Forward Towards Poverty Reduction and Introducing Climate Positive Initiatives," with the main objective of empowering target communities, integrating vulnerable people into society, reducing unemployment rates in target communities, and introducing climate-positive initiatives. FKL will implement this through its projects in two main sectors: Income Generation Activities- IGA, and Community Development sector – CD.

Finally, this strategy will seek to strengthen further previous beneficiaries and/or communities, to ensure viability of past activities.
The key characteristic of FKL is teamwork, whilst some of the main features include transparency, fairness and work efficiency. We also wish to stress the fact that FKL is one of the rare local NGO certified with ISO Standard 9001:2015 and based on the procedures resulting from this standard, FKL implements its activities.

Our main partners are the municipalities in which the FKL operates, selected communities, as well as local media and other stakehlders.

Moto: Together, hand in hand, with people in need.

Our team

Fisnik Beqiri FKL
Fisnik Beqiri
Managing Director fisnik.beqiri@fkl-ks.org
Blerim Bytyqi FKL
Blerim Bytyqi
Finance/Accounting and Procurement Officer blerim.bytyqi@fkl-ks.org
Florim Shabani FKL
Florim Shabani
IGA- Project Officer florim.shabani@fkl-ks.org
Danica Trboljevac FKL
Danica Trboljevac
Project Officer danica.trboljevac@fkl-ks.org
Izjah Ademi FKL
Izjah Ademi
CD South Project Officer / Logistics & Admin Officer izjah.ademi@fkl-ks.org
Vida Vučetić FKL
Vida Vučetić
Project Assistant vida.vucetic@fkl-ks.org
Milijana Mojsilović FKL
Milijana Mojsilović
IGA- Project Assistant milijana.mojsilovic@fkl-ks.org

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