Community Development North

Community Development is used as an approach to strengthen the selected local communities so that they can better identify and prioritize their needs, advocate for their rights, partner with other authorities and manage their own resources.

Project Description:

As defined in the strategy “the overall objective of CD is the self-government and autonomy of local communities”. This is done by helping a community to develop the necessary structures and competence for just self-government. Ideally, at the end of the process communities reach the ability to manage their own resources in a sustainable manner autonomously and without exterior help. In Mandate V, a new community approach was proposed. Instead of selecting one or two communities in which all FKL activities will be implemented throughout the Mandate, FKL will open the call for project ideas to all communities in the target municipalities. All communities in the target municipalities will be able to apply for CD training with the aim of establishing their CD councils. Communities will be selected on their enthusiasm and commitment to establish their CDC. The established CDC will then be eligible to apply for support for their community projects. Project proposals with climate positive focus (change, renewable energy and environmentally friendly) will benefit from more positive weighting in the selection process. In principle, the three best project activities will be selected each year in both CD South and North. The proposal ranked first will be financed solely by FKL, whilst the remaining two proposals will be co-financed.

Results of CD North:

  1. Climate positive initiatives are supported
  2. Target communities are trained in and apply good governance in their communities

Region of Implementation:

  1. Zvečan/Zveçan.
  2. Leposavić / Leposaviq

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