Community Development South

Community Development is used as an approach to strengthen the selected local communities so that they can better identify and prioritize their needs, advocate for their rights, partner with other authorities and manage their own resources.

Project Description:

The empowerment of local communities for growing them into active citizens to better identify their needs, prioritize, advocate and manage their own resources is the underlying principle of community development activities. A comprehensive and inclusive, bottom-up approach, used for carrying out the community development activities, ensures the commitment, engagement and inputs of local communities on advancement and improvement of social processes, economic development, and enhancement of quality of education in the respective selected communities. Within this activity, the selection of the communities was conducted jointly with the respective municipality. In Mandate V, FKL introduces a community-driven approach where all communities in target municipalities can propose projects. Selection criteria prioritize communities committed to establishing Community Development Councils, with climate-positive projects receiving preference.

Results of CD South:

  1. Climate positive initiatives are supported
  2. Target communities are trained in and apply good governance in their communities

Region of the Implementation:

  1. Viti/Vitina

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