FKL enables the Digitization of Schools in Viti Municipality

Today, the activity “Supplying of primary and secondary schools in Viti municipality with IT equipment” was inaugurated in the primary school “Dëshmorët e Vitisë” in Viti municipality. The main purpose of the implementation of this activity is the digitalization of the teaching process in the schools of this municipality.

Thanks to the Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg support, the municipality of Viti is among the first where all schools are equipped with laptops and video projectors – thus being in line with the state curricula of education, towards digitization of schools. During the inauguration of this event, the Director of the Kosovo-Luxembourg Foundation together with the responsible staff, the Mayor of Viti, the staff and some students of the “Dëshmorët e Vitisë” school were present, directly benefiting from this activity. The attendees expressed great satisfaction for the continuity of this activity, as well as gratitude for the staff of the Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg.

It is worth mentioning that the beneficiaries of this activity are 39 elementary schools together with the divided classes, 3 secondary schools and the kindergarten of the city. A total of 180 laptops, 35 video projectors, and 15 multifunctional printers were distributed. Co-financing of this project is also the Municipality of Viti, which participated with 20% co-financing of the total cost of the project.
From now on, teaching throughout Viti schools will take place with laptops and video projectors, making the lesson curriculum more attractive and practical.

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