FKL supports primary school in Viti, Skifteraj village.

Last week, elementary school “Kenan Halimi” in Viti / Vitina, Skifteraj village was equipped with bookshelves and shelves for the school archive. Therefore 252 pupils in this school now will be able to keep their school books in these shelves, by easing their school bags. In addition to the books, these shelves will also be used for storing various school materials as well as the various works that the students do during the day.

The shelves will be secured with a key for each student. Present during the process of handing over these shelves were the representatives of the municipality and the school, whereby they welcomed such support, stating that such initiatives are always welcome for the school. Among the most satisfied were the students themselves who are also the direct beneficiaries of this activity. This activity is implemented within the framework of the Community Development Sector as a result of the cooperation between our organization and the Municipality of Viti.

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