FKL supports the inauguration of the preschool class in Sadovinë of Jerlive

Last week the inauguration of the school library took place in the village of Sadovinë of Jerlive in Viti / Vitina and a pre-school class was opened in the elementary school “28 Nëntori”, thanks to the support of the Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg and the Municipality of Viti. The education sector is among the most important sectors for our organization, so FKL Team is always willing to invest in primary and secondary schools in the target municipalities. The main theme of this event was the inauguration of the pre-school classroom in this village.

Now, about 20 students will have the opportunity to attend the teaching process in a suitable, pleasant environment and above all, an environment that meets the needs for the development of the educational process. The investments made in this school are part of the many investments that are being made by the Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg, within the framework of the Community Development Sector in the municipality of Vitia.

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