Income Generating Activities

According to Foundation Kosovo-Luxembourg (FKL), Income Generation Activities (IGA) are those activities that create direct cash and non-cash income individuals, businesses and families — namely vulnerable people and those that are eager to work and have the potential to work.

Project Description:

Income Generation Activities (IGA) aims to help alleviate poverty and reduce the high figures of unemployment by implementing strategies and activities tailored to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. In the meantime, a particular focus will be given on strengthening local authorities so that they advance their skills and know-how for future projects and business initiatives. By moving the economy from informal to formal tracks, IGA set the basis for a more competitive and legal business environment. Beneficiaries of IGA Kits will have not only to register their businesses but also to pay taxes and other contributions. Compared to other methods of employment, Small-Medium Entrepreneurship (SMEs) provide better opportunities for creating more sustainable jobs, in the agricultural and associated sectors.  

Income Generating Activities sector has two main components:

IGA Kits- Supporting a start-up and existing businesses with equipment;

Empowering the most Vulnerable Initiatives;

In Mandate V, the IGA approach will combine both activities into one. Only candidates, who complete a vocational training conducted by FKL, will be eligible to apply for support with IGA Kits adapted to the sectors in which they have trained. Activities with an environmental component will be favoured in the project. Climate positive initiatives are activities that go beyond achieving net-zero carbon emissions to create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These may include commercial activities aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, such as: 

  • infrastructure investments for renewable energy assets
  • renovations and retrofits to buildings to make them more energy efficient including with improved insulation, heating, and domestic energy storage systems
  • education and training to help the unemployed find new and gainful employment and to address the structural shifts required to decarbonise the economy
  • promotion of sustainable agriculture, ecosystem regeneration, or accelerating renewable energy installations.

Region of Implementation:

  1. Viti; Vitina
  2. Leposaviq; Leposavic
  3. Zveçan; Zvecan


Result 1: Vocational trainings are conducted 

Result 2: People trained by the programme find employment

Result 3: Climate positive initiatives are supported

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